Mizuho Neurovascular Doppler System

Mizuho Neurovascular Doppler systems   Intraoperative essentials for neurosurgical and vascular procedures. Mizuho offers a portable, easy-to-use, and accurate modality for evaluating blood flow intraoperatively. Tow systems operating at two different frequencies, 8 MHz and 20MHz, provide audio blood flow … Continued

Sugita T2 Clip

Sugita titanium Aneurysm Clip II from Mizuho. Revolutionizing Aneurysm Management, again.   Tomorrow’s aneurysm management is available today – embodied in the new Sugita Titanium Aneurysm Clip II (T2). T2 isn’t and old design recast in new material but rather … Continued

LawtonElite Series

 An intricately crafted, comprehensive micro instrumentation series for neurovascular and skull base procedures. Series Includes: Reusable and Reposable Microscissors Neurovascular Bypass Instrumentation Micro Dissectors

LawtonElite Microscissors

Ultra-thin and sharp blades with curved tips Reusable and reposable options Non-slip, counter-balanced, ergonomic handles Can be used as a curved microdissector in closed position   Titanium, Straight 60mm working length 181mm overall length Reusable   Titanium, Bayonet 76mm working … Continued

LawtonElite Micro Dissection Instruments

Each instrument is designed for hard-to-reach areas and tight spaces. Round Knives with various angles, directions and sizes to adapt to the exposure and the lesion Micro Biopsy Cup Forceps work in small cavities with finger tip control of instrument … Continued

LawtonElite Neurovascular Bypass Instruments

Available in multiple lengths with flat or round handles Accommodates varying depths of surgical field Useful in vascular, tumor and spine cases Low profile allows for control and ease of use Strong, Very fine, Extra fine and Long tips Carbide … Continued

Dr. Youssef (Cranial Nerve Dissection Set)

Dr. Youssef’s Cranial Nerve Dissection Set Mizuho America in collaboration with Dr. Samy Youssef MD, PhD, MSC, FAANS designed this set for nerve vascularity preservation. Recommended intended use for: acoustic neuroma, meningiomas and other schwannomas. Key features: Comprehensive set for … Continued

Basal Frame and Accessories

While preserving high stability, reliability and performance of Mizuho Head Frames and Accessories allow for quick and easy adjusting of the skull angle and fixation.   Components and Accessories: Table attachments for various manufacturers’ tables U-shaped head rest with 6 pin … Continued

7300 Series Neurosurgical Table

  NEW MST-7300 Table Series Style, Stability, Support, Systematicity, & Safety Widest space and access around the table top The jackknife (z-shaped) elevation system allows for a minimum height of 15.7 inches (7300B) and 17.7 inches (7300BX) Maximum weight capacity increased … Continued

Single Shaft Clip Appliers

INTRODUCING Mizuho’s New Sugita Titanium Clip II Single Shaft Appliers   Developed in collaboration with Jorge Mura, MD, IFAANS, FACS. Chief of Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Surgery at the Department of Neurological Sciences, University of Chile. Institute of Neurosurgery Asenjo, … Continued